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Student Services

Specialized Learning Assistance

Students who have physical, emotional or behavioral difficulties and/or learning disabilities severe enough to require individualized assistance beyond the school’s limited special learning assistance program will not be enrolled in the school.  

ISOI provides programs and strategies to serve students with very mild learning difficulties.  The definition of very mild is based on the assumption that any student accepted for enrollment will be able to successfully complete regular classroom activities for approximately 85 percent of the school day in the elementary school.  In the high school, the student will be able to successfully complete all regular class education requirements as outlined in the “Program of Studies.”

Parents of a child who needs special learning assistance (i.e. the child is now receiving “special education” services) are strongly advised to communicate with school personnel BEFORE accepting a posting in Islamabad. Students may not be withdrawn from the learning assistance program until the school determines that there is no longer a need for special learning assistance.


Special Education Needs Policy

The International School of Islamabad (ISOI) is committed to providing an inquiry based learning environment that allows all students to achieve success and develop international mindedness. Encompassing our mission and vision, and in the spirit of the International Baccalaureate Programmes (IB) standards and practices, we are invested in creating an accessible and enriched learning environment to serve students with special educational needs (SEN).  SEN is defined by the school as issues involving student support for needs and/or enrichment.  In order to fulfill this ideal, teachers, counselors and administrators work collaboratively with students, parents and the community to create programs to support or enrich students.  All teachers are expected to use multiple teaching strategies or differentiation and accommodations in order to help students’ successfully access the curriculum.  The communication of needs and assessments shall happen in a timely fashion in order to best support the student, parents and teachers.  Teachers will also receive training on differentiation in order to deliver an accessible program. 

The International School of Islamabad supports an inclusive model of education, yet is flexible in providing for withdrawal and one- on- one support as will best benefit the student to enhance learning. The School provides multiple assessments and opportunities to gauge student progress.  The Student Support Services Team (SST) meets regularly to address student issues.  The SST meets quarterly with concerned teachers to develop needed action plans.  In order to meet the changing needs of students as they transition through each division of the school, specialized interventions are supported.  In Elementary School, small group, one- on- one withdrawal and in-class support are provided. In Middle and High School, specialized study halls and in-class support are provided to help students attain success.  The International School of Islamabad believes that its program of support will help students achieve academic success through its program, within the confines of its resources.


Guidance and Counselling

ISOI’s Counselors serve the Elementary, Middle and High Schools.  The Counselors work in partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators to further ISOI’s Mission. ISOI’s proactive and responsive counseling services support social/emotional health, academic success, and attainment of each student’s college and career goals, while incorporating the global perspective that is unique to international schools.

The counselors meet students and parents by appointment for individual needs and with class groups as needed.  In the High School, the Counselor also serves as the students' College Placement Counselor. Current students and parents can access the College Counseling Moodle page for a variety of resources and information to guide them through the college planning process. PSAT, SAT courses and testing sessions are coordinated by the Counselor and conducted throughout the school year.  OLSATS and MAP standardized tests are managed by the Counselors.

School Nurse

A School Nurse is on campus daily.  The nurse provides emergency medical assistance to students, conducts vision and hearing screening, assists with maintaining standards of hygiene, acts as a health education resource teacher for staff and students, and provides immunization and other health information to students’ families.

At the written permission of the parent, the nurse may provide Panadol, Paracetamol and Pepto Bismol. Prescription medications that need to be taken during the school day should be sent with a note as to time and amount to be given for administration through the Nurse’s office.



The ISOI Libraries are the heart of our inquiry-based curriculum.  There are two libraries on campus, one for Elementary School and one for Secondary School, both overseen by a certified librarian.  The librarian is supported by two well trained, full-time staff.  The Elementary Library works collaboratively with homeroom teachers to plan integrated Units of Inquiry while introducing knowledge and digital literacy skills.  The Secondary Library grants access to 13,000 print volumes and an additional 30,000 volumes through on-line subscription databases.  In addition to these research volumes, a growing selection of popular, modern fiction, anime and graphic novels provides students with recreational reading.  The libraries are available through the school website.


Textbooks and School Equipment

Textbooks are provided to all students on a loan basis.  Students are held responsible for books checked out to them and must pay for lost or damaged books.  Students will also be charged for deliberate damage to books, including writing or graffiti.  Students are expected to cover textbooks to protect them.

The Student Store has a limited selection of school supplies for sale, as well as athletic department T-shirts and sportswear with the school name and logo. PE uniforms are available in the Student Store.

Students are responsible for using all school textbooks, materials, library books, computers including peripherals, audio-visual equipment, and sports equipment in a respectful and responsible manner. Students will be charged for any damage they cause to school property, whether damaged intentionally or accidentally.