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High School

We are very proud to be an IB World School offering the IB Diploma Programme, which is recognized as one of the most distinctive college-preparatory programs worldwide. Well-established as the hallmark of a rigorous, inquiry-based instructional curriculum throughout Europe and North America, the IBDP is increasingly recognized by educational authorities in the Subcontinent for university admissions. IB courses at ISOI include all of the sciences, math applications and math analysis at both standard and higher levels, English, History, and specialist courses such as Business Management. Our curriculum in Grades 9 and 10 is focused on providing students with the skills and content necessary for success in the IBDP as well as interesting electives to explore such as robotics, choir, drama and art.

A vibrant and diverse extracurricular program complements the academics of ISOI. Students may participate in a variety of sports which affords students the opportunity of team-building and individual growth. A Model United Nations program as well as drama and musical productions enhances the opportunity for engagement offered through the Creativity, Activity and Service initiatives. Faculty from over four continents, most of whom hold graduate degrees, drive the curriculum and activities at ISOI to ensure that all students have the opportunity to find their path to success.

I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Best to you!

Tim Musgrove

Secondary School Principal

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