High School

Our curriculum in Grades 9 and 10 is focused on providing students with the skills and content necessary for success in the IBDP as well as interesting electives to explore such as robotics, choir, drama and art.

ISOI offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum in the last two years of high school. Colleges and universities respect this program, which is internationally recognized for its rigorous academic standards. The core components of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), Theory of Knowledge, and the Extended Essay support ISOI’s mission and vision while preparing students for the challenge of college and life beyond formal education.

Students at ISOI have three graduation options:

Full IB Diploma Candidate: students successfully complete six academic courses. Additionally, they meet the requirements for CAS, the Extended Essay, and an additional course, Theory of Knowledge. Successful students earn two credentials: the ISOI diploma and the IB diploma.

IB Subject Candidate: students select certain courses in which to earn IB certificates. They complete externally assessed exams and assignments only in these selected courses. They also participate in CAS, an ISOI graduation requirement. Successful students will earn the ISOI diploma and certificates in the IB courses they have selected.

ISOI Diploma: students follow the IB curriculum in the same classes as IB candidates or classes unique to ISOI. They do not submit exams and assignments for external assessment. However, they do participate in CAS, a graduation requirement. Successful students will earn the ISOI diploma.

In consultation with parents, the college counselor, the IBDP Coordinator and the administration, students select a graduation option appropriate to their needs and abilities. Parent-Student meetings are held to provide information about the IB Diploma Programme at various times throughout the year.

A vibrant and diverse extracurricular program complements the academics of ISOI. Students may participate in a variety of sports which affords students the opportunity of team-building and individual growth. A Model United Nations program as well as drama and musical productions enhances the opportunity for engagement offered through the Creativity, Activity and Service initiatives.

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