International Baccalaureate

ISOI became an IB Diploma School in 2012 and is now an authorized PYP School as well. We chose these programs because they are philosophically aligned with our own mission and values. As well, we believe that the IB emphasis on student-centered, inquiry-based learning will best serve our 21st century learners. Finally, our research and recent experience have shown that Diploma graduates have greater success, both in gaining admission to high quality colleges and in academic achievement beyond high school.

Some of the key features of the Diploma Program are:

  • It is a two year program. Examinations are completed in May of year two.
  • It is a recognized, international curriculum.
  • It emphasizes breadth of learning by requiring students to explore a wide variety of disciplines.
  • It allows students to “specialize” in high interest courses.
  • Student achievement is externally-assessed.
  • Students are expected to balance the academic program with other pursuits in the areas of creativity, activity and service. (CAS)
  • The extended essay and Theory of Knowledge requirements better prepare students for, respectively, independent learning and developing deep understanding of how knowledge is created.

Students wishing to pursue the IB Diploma are encouraged to join the ISOI community as early as possible, ideally prior to grade 9. Students coming from other international schools and MYP schools will find the transition very smooth.  Additionally, it is often possible to transfer from another IB school partway through the program; this is best achieved with careful pre- planning.

It is also possible to get a high quality IB education without completing the full diploma.
For information about graduation options and other aspects of IB at ISOI, please contact Mrs. Nadia Kamal, Registrar, [email protected] who will be glad to assist you in connecting to the High School Counselor as part of the admissions process.