FAQ Elementary School

My child has no English; how will they cope?
The Elementary teachers have a great deal of experience helping students with little or no English. The early years of Elementary are very language rich and students seldom need support in addition to that given by the classroom teacher. Students in grades one through five will receive supplementary language support through the English Language Learners program or the Resource program.
What can you do to help my child transition into your school from the system he/she is used to?
Children individually assessed to determine where they are academically and socially. A plan is put in place to support each child individually.
What work will my child do with the homeroom teacher?
Your child will receive instruction and guided hands-on exploration in the core subjects:math, science, language arts and social studies.
Will my child have a schedule?
Yes, your child will have a two-week schedule, which includes all core subjects as well as art, Host Nation, music, physical education, digital literacy, information literacy, life skills, and a choice of Emergent Urdu, Academic Urdu or French.
How much homework will my child get?
The amount of homework is dependent upon the grade your child is in. Parents of children in Kindergarten II through Grade 2 are asked to read together. Children in Grade 3 through Grade 5 are given homework to prepare them for Middle School. Homework is only given Monday through Thursday and generally does not exceed 30 minutes.
Transition: helping students to ‘move on’ and make new friends.
The Elementary faculty is well versed in helping new students transition to ISOI. The Elementary Counselor, classroom teacher and Elementary Principal will monitor your child and assist where necessary.
What activities do you have?
Afterschool activities are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A wide variety of physical activity, games, arts and crafts, cooking fun, and clubs are offered each quarter. Swimming, as an afterschool activity, is offered twice yearly in the warm weather. Upper Elementary students enjoy participation in the Leadership Council. Activities on offer vary each quarter according to student interest and the interests of the adult sponsors of the activities.
What are the lunch options for my child?
We have a cafeteria from which your child can buy lunch. All cafeteria food is halal, there is always a vegetarian choice, and a la carte selections. The cafeteria menu is overseen by the School Doctor, with an emphasis on healthy choices. The school is a soda free, boxed juice free environment. The menu is published monthly in the Weekly ISOI News (WIN). Alternatively you can provide your child with a packed lunch.
What is Virtual School?
If it should be deemed unsafe for your child to be on the roads to school, we have school on-line via Seesaw. You and your child will be given access to Seesaw. Your child will use Seesaw regularly in class so that during Virtual School, they will already be comfortable using Seesaw. Teachers will be ‘on-line’ with your child to interact and provide the daily lessons. Parents and students are supported with Virtual School by the Technology Department.
What is gradual entry?
Students entering the nursery program will have a period of ‘getting used to’ attending school daily. They will start later in the morning and go home well before noon. The time spent at school is gradually increased until each child is able to attend the full day. This period of getting used to being in school usually lasts for about 1 month.
Does every child need gradual entry?
No, gradual entry is intended to help your child and you adjust to the new environment. The Nursery teacher and teaching assistants will gladly welcome your child to attend a full day if that suits you and your child.
How long are nap times?
Children have nap times in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 1 classes only. The nap time varies from 60-90 minutes in Pre-Kindergarten to 45 minutes in Kindergarten 1.
What Covid 19 Protocols has the School Implemented?
The Leadership Team and School Directors have compiled Covid 19 Standard Operating Protocols established by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and reopened international schools in Europe and the Far East. Parents of ISOI students may receive Covid 19 Standard Operating Protocols from the Superintendent.