FAQ Secondary Counselor

Do I have to complete an IB Diploma?

No, students may choose one of three graduation options.

  • An ISOI Diploma and an IB Diploma Programme Diploma
  • An ISOI Diploma with IB Certificates
  • An ISOI Diploma

All three options are highly regarded academically and allow students the flexibility they need to graduate and apply for admissions to the students’ Universities of choice.

Do I have to take IB French?

No, students who do not have a previous background in French may take ab initio Spanish.

Will ISOI accept the credits I already have at my current school?
Yes, students’ academic records are examined by the Admissions Committee. The Secondary Counselor will meet with applicants to address any credits needed to meet ISOI graduation requirements.

How do I find out if I qualify for admission to ISOI?
The first step is to contact the school Registrar and begin the admission process

What extra-curricular activities are available?
For secondary students, ISOI offers a variety of extra-curricular activities e.g. Model United Nations (MUN), National Honor Society, High School and Middle School Leadership Councils and numerous social and co-curricular clubs as well as other student-led and teacher-led organizations. In addition, the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) Program provides High School students the opportunity to participate in and reflect upon internships, sports, volunteering and other creative experiences outside the academic day. ISOI, along with ten other international schools, is part of the South Asian Inter-School Association (SAISA), through which we play sports and perform in choir and art competitions.

Do you have a School Counselor?
Yes, the Secondary Counselor works in partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators to further ISOI’s Mission. ISOI’s proactive and responsive counseling services support social/emotional health, academic success, and attainment of each student’s college and career goals, while incorporating the global perspective that is unique to international schools.

Do you have a College Placement Counselor?
In the High School, the Counselor also serves as the students’ College Placement Counselor. PSAT, SAT courses and testing sessions are coordinated by the Counselor and conducted throughout the school year. OLSATS and MAP standardized tests are managed by the Counselors.

Do you have a dress code?
Yes, our dress code is designed to foster an academic learning environment which allows for an individual’s freedom of expression, while not being offensive to the culture in which we live. Full details are provided in the Student Handbook, which is given to students annually.

How much homework will I have?
In the Middle and High School, the amount of homework will vary from class to class. Students in Middle School can expect approximately 5 hours per week while High School homework expectations will increase as students reach higher grade levels. Students in the IBDP can anticipate up to 20 hours per week to complete diploma expectations including TOK, CAS and Extended Essay. To help students balance their commitments, teachers utilize a grade level Google Calendar to ensure assessments are scheduled fairly to maximize student preparation and success.

What Covid 19 Protocols has the School Implemented?
The Leadership Team and School Directors have compiled Covid 19 Standard Operating Protocols established by the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and reopened international schools in Europe and the Far East. Parents of ISOI students may receive Covid 19 Standard Operating Protocols from the Superintendent.